Subject to guidance from the UK Government, The Basement LDN may implement a booking system for Members to pre-book time slots to use the Club. The Basement LDN will keep Members informed about if and when any such booking systems will be in place.

The Basement LDN will constantly monitor the Club’s capacity to ensure Member comfort and safety is maintained at all times.

Turnstiles have been installed to ensure a contactless entry to and exit from the Club. Hand sanitising stations will be available at the entry and exit points, as well as throughout the Club.


Members will be able to book any one of the four micro-studio training pods to use as their own private training space, with the option of accessing a wide range of industry leading virtual classes delivered by Les Mills.

Sanitised gym equipment and spin bikes will be available for private use in the training pods. A Member of The Basement LDN team can assist you with moving any such equipment, upon request.

When permitted by the UK Government, The Basement LDN will offer in person yoga classes at a reduced capacity. A booking system for these classes will be in place and classes will be operating at a reduced numbers capacity.


Members’ consent may be sought to provide temperature checks before entering the Club. If you have a high temperature, a member of staff will ask you to kindly respect the comfort and safety of other Members by not using the Club and coming back another day.


The Basement LDN team will be provided with face masks to use while working, in order to keep themselves and Members as safe as possible.

Subject to guidance from the UK Government, Members are requested to wear face coverings to the extent that they are comfortable doing so while working out. As a minimum we kindly ask that Members wear face coverings when moving between workout stations and using the changing rooms.

Single use masks are available to Members upon their request.


Cleaning of the Club areas, equipment, studios, changing facilities and lavatory areas will take place regularly.

Micro-studio training pods will be disinfected before and after each use by each Member who has booked in for a studio session via our online booking portal. The studio will also be disinfected before and after any yoga classes take place.

While closed during the Covid-19 lockdown period, The Basement LDN has undergone a professional deep clean to ensure removal of all bacteria.


To minimise germ transfer, we have introduced contactless (sensor) bins, which will be distributed around the Club. We have also made our nutrition bar till completely contactless avoid risk of cross-contamination.


Hand sanitising facilities will be stationed throughout the Club site. We ask Members to wash or sanitise their hands regularly in line with UK Government guidance.


Changing room capacity is currently capped at 4 people per changing room. We kindly request that members respectfully wait outside the changing room area until there is capacity for them to go in.

We kindly ask that, where possible, Members come to the Club already dressed for their workout to minimise use of the changing rooms at all time.

We request that Members practice social distancing at all times when using the changing rooms.


Subject to guidance from the UK Government, the sauna and steam room will be out of use until we are able to guarantee the comfort and safety of our Members.


Some cardio equipment will be placed out of use to ensure social distancing. These will be clearly marked. Certain equipment will be spaced out around the Club more to ensure social distancing.

Each piece of cardio equipment will have its own designated bottle of disinfectant. We ask that Members use this to wipe down equipment before and after using the equipment to ensure a reduced risk of transfer of germs between Members.

Contactless bins are distributed around the Club to facilitate safe disposal of tissue.


Use of towels on the gym floor is prohibited. Towels have been identified as a high-risk carrier of germs and we must therefore ask Members to kindly respect the comfort and safety of Club users by using the tissue provided throughout the Club.


We ask that Members kindly respect any floor markings across the Club and comply with any instructions from The Basement LDN team to ensure the practice of social distancing.

Any Members deemed to be grossly disrespectful towards others’ safety will receive a warning, and risk their Membership being terminated in accordance with the Terms & Conditions.


Personal training will continue as normal. Social distancing will be respected at all times, with personal trainers ensuring that clients are working with sanitised equipment.


While we encourage travel to and from the Club by bicycle, we cannot permit the carrying of bicycles into the club premises. When bicycles are carried downstairs there is a high risk of contact between bicycle tyres and handrails. The Club does not have suitable indoor facilities for bicycle storage.

We thank all our Members for their understanding and patience during this time. We value every effort made by our Members to help us keep our Club safe for everyone. Should you have any questions or concerns, we welcome you speak to our Club Manager at any time, or email [email protected].

This Covid-19 Guidance and Member Safety Policy forms part of the Terms & Conditions for usage of the Club. Any Guests using the Club must comply with this guidance as if they were using the Club as Members. We ask that all Club Users comply with the Covid-19 Guidance, alongside the Club Rules and Terms & Conditions. Any breach of any of these components may result in an immediate termination of Membership or ban at the discretion of the Club Manager. Should you wish to discuss any such decision, please get in touch at [email protected] and we’d be happy to have a conversation with you.